Thursday, 25 September 2014

Stop chopping okro...

I have been missing in action for days now, was a bit busy . My cherrie birthday was for Friday so all hands were busy and yours truly was the chief planner.  Come to think of it...just maybe I should go into event planning as my colleagues advice.  Mbanu! The stress eeh?  This is just a little party but it got me nuts. Calling the caterer, the cake lady, and so on...
  It was even more stressful, because it was a surprise party. It is in moments like this that I must say, it is good to be a hottie

Now why am I saying all these? It seems I may have met another seer, Abi na spirit I see?  Na only me dem dey wake come meet?  I went to pay Maureen(chef) upfront been Thursday evening and midweek service was for later same evening. I didn't drive to work so birthday girl did the chauffeur.  I opted to take a taxi to church,  so I stood at the bus top for 5mins  when I saw a car that looked like a taxi, I flagged the  bobo down. He said he wasn't going my direction, but I could get another cab where I would alight. Anyways I wasn't willing to come down as it was already drizzling. 
The next taxi I entered was rickety, but I was glad I did because there were lots of passengers.   Baba was a grey head old man, so when I tried to negotiate the price with him, I was mindful of my choice of words. We tried to by cut traffic so I urged Baba to take a bad road as I was already late for church.

Omo mehn! Baba's true intent came out. In local parlance , Our conversation went thus: 
Baba: you be Igbo? 
Me: yes sir

Baba:  where for ibo? 
Me: Enugu sir!

Baba: if to say you be Anambara I for drop you here now
Me: ok sir
    Now within me I didn't want the conversation to continue, I was just wondering what an anambarain would have done to baba to take actions against all.  I kept musing to myself that his decision was irrational. Lest I forget, baba drove as a snail. 

Baba: you due chop Okro? 
Me: yes ...I dey chop okro and Ewedu. I added Ewedu just so I could please him, at least I speak Yoruba and I enjoy their meals

Baba: stop chopping okro
Me: huh?

To be contd. 


  1. Lol@ post title "stop choppingg Okro".

  2. Plz where is the cont? Stop the suspense

    1. Oh dea Anon, i would post it 2morrow. Thanks

  3. Lol! Post already sounds interesting