Monday, 13 October 2014

Baba and Okro

Baba: stop chopping okra
Me: why sir?

Baba: you can chop Ewedu, Ogbono, no problem, but not okra
Me: mi fe wahala(I don't want trouble) but @least tell me why I shouldn't eat okra and to think that I enjoy okra with goat meat and catfish(best soup)

Baba: don't ask me why, just follow what I have told you, reluctantly he opens his car door just so his inner light would shine.
Baba: look my face, have we met?
          You do see me before?
           So take what I tell you, I can't deceive you, you are my daughter.  They can read your star, and destiny when you chop okra.

Me: ok sir! ( story for the gods, baba must be a joker. This could be a myth and he felt like passing the information to me. I can't fit stop my special okra soup Mabinu sir)

Baba: you dey go church abi?
Me: huh? ( see me see local trouble, I only told him the estate with no definite address )

Baba: you don't want to answer? Hahahahaah(laughs mischievously )
Me: yes sir, I am I going to church.

Baba: you are a good woman, people have hurt you so much in the past, I can see the pain behind your smile. but please do not stop doing good. again let me tell you, if you know that you can not dash me money, then don't borrow me the money. I mean every word I am saying to you.
Me: ok sir.

Baba: if you chop okra, they can see your destiny and read your star, evil people can trap you from there. My daughter listen to all I have told you.  Ehen that your female friend kate( name change) don't worry, she would apologize
Me: at this point I had tears rolling down my blushed cheeks

Baba: don't worry, ema worry aburo mi(in Yoruba) ....
Me: Eshe sir!

Baba:  blink you are a good woman. Your innocence will save you.
Me: OMG! How did he know my name? Have I crossed path with a spirit? Now I was shaking on the sit.
 We got to church premise, I handed babe 500naira note, and he gave me the balance of #100, with all the revelations, I refused the money. I asked him to keep it. My people @ this point baba smiled and returned the #500 to me...

Me: baba mi kilode?( what is it father?)
Baba: you have a good heart indeed, good things are coming.

Still in shock, I collected the money and watched baba speed off into thin air, I couldn't believe belie it was the same gura gwura taxi that drove me to church.  Just maybe I have met Another SEER.

NOW I have to ask, have you ever met someone like baba? Or has a myth been told you? What was your response? Let us share...

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


hey, my lovers...i have been away for some days, actually this chic has been to lazy to type.  again my ipad screen got broken, i haven't replaced it yet, while my Alobam got his new blackberry passport, iphone6, iphone 6+ all in one delivery. my paddy in-case you see this, there is God oooh! smile to me naaaaaa?

slaps self to reality, so i made lots of pastries over the long weekend and would love to share with us.



put flour in a clean bowel


adding baking powder and sugar in my measuring spoon

 mixing the butter in my mixed dry ingredients

 make a well in the mixed batter and add little water


make a dough 

  remove the shells from the boiled eggs

use your rolling pin and make a flat surface as above

put the boiled egg in the middle
   roll it up covering the egg

hot oil ready to fry

end product
  neatly washed zobo in the pot, ready to boil
neat ginger 
diced ginger in the pot

well i added a twist to mine by adding orange zest and it came out perfect (no artificial flavoring).  cover the pot and allow to boil.

 and here we are.

i would be uploading pictorial steps on how i baked my meat pie in some other post. i just do not want this post to be too lengthy.
 by the time i was done, hmm i had visitors  waiting for me, giving me gist while waiting for me to be done.
Enjoy and again i am sorry for the absence

Friday, 3 October 2014

Afang soup -FOOD

A plate of fresh Afang soup

So I was at home on Independence Day, home alone I must say, this gave me the luxury if time to snap while cooking.  This is a meal I enjoy so much and I would try to with pictorials teaching us how to make my afang soup.

1. Afang aka Okazi leaves 
2. Water leaf   
3. Red oil
4. Goat meat
5. Stock fish
6. Periwinkle aka mfi
7. Cow skin aka kpomo(optional)
9. Salt
10. Crayfish(must have)
11. Seasoning cubes

boiling my stock meat and meat
 adding palm oil to boiling stock
 adding pounded afang leaves and stir
 adding neat water leaf to the pot
 adding crayfish fried separately in hot red oil

 stir the soup, add fresh grounded pepper, seasoning, periwinkle and taste for salt
 soup is ready

 a small serving of wheat&**covers face**
1. wash your choice of meat properly, here I used goat meat. snails also comes out nice in Afang soup. season with onions, pepper, little salt,
2. add washed stock fish to your boiling meat, add palm oil, allow to boil evenly
3. add your dry fish as well as snail, if available. cover and bring to boil. while soup is boiling, fry crayfish in red oil separately.
4.add the pounded Afang leave and waterleaf(pls not that some people add waterleaf before Afang), then add your waterleaf, periwinkles then stir.
5.add your fried crayfish and fresh pepper to the soup.
6. food is ready.
note: fried crayfish is optional, but trust me on this, the taste is heavenly. I also add normal grounded crayfish . if you forget snails, and dry fish, please do not forget Crayfish.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Random Facts

Did you know?

1) Male dolphins are called bulls and females are called cows

2) Ants can lift objects 50 times their body weight

3) Spanish rice is unknown in Spain

4) The average adult heart beats 72 times a minute, 100,000 times a day, 3,600,000 a year and 2.5      billion times a lifetime.

5) Humans are not the only animal who flirt, birds, lizards, and even bugs have their own ways to attract attention...hehehehe even lizard sef

6) Mens orgasm stimulate the area of the brain as heroin in an addicts brain, strongly suggesting that sex can be additive

7)  After watching star wars, James Cameron quit his job as a truck driver to join the film industry.


have a wonderful week 

Friday, 26 September 2014



A friend of mine said i dont consider my male readers so i decided to do this.Premature ejaculation can cause a smear in relationships because no woman wants a man who cant satisfy her on bed and no guy wants his ego destroyed by this. 

So here are some ways to prevent premature ejaculation.

 -First understand your body and know the feeling that comes when you are about to ejaculate.
 -Try to relax because premature ejaculation disturbs the big head more than it disturbs the small head,relaxation is something some guys dont do,they think foreplay is more important for the female folk aand then the gear all thier energy towards thier penis.
 -Try wearing a condom. funny this actually works.try avoiding the ones with the label that says extra thin
 -During intercourse try to distract yourself when you feel the urge to ejaculate.
 -Kegel exerscise is really good for guys to. A few contractions in the day.
 -Avoid some sensitive sex positions because this will stimulate early ejaculation.
 -change styles between intercourse,and try edging off the urge.
 -You can also masturbate before intercourse this will help the second climax stay longer. your partner can help you with this.
- Know when to visit the doctor for treatment.
    I don't know if you have learn' t anything but i know one guy somewhere in the world with this problem is going to try these techniques.
 I hope this helps satisfy her in bed. Good luck banging
Culled: Cynthia Ezekwu

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Stop chopping okro...

I have been missing in action for days now, was a bit busy . My cherrie birthday was for Friday so all hands were busy and yours truly was the chief planner.  Come to think of it...just maybe I should go into event planning as my colleagues advice.  Mbanu! The stress eeh?  This is just a little party but it got me nuts. Calling the caterer, the cake lady, and so on...
  It was even more stressful, because it was a surprise party. It is in moments like this that I must say, it is good to be a hottie

Now why am I saying all these? It seems I may have met another seer, Abi na spirit I see?  Na only me dem dey wake come meet?  I went to pay Maureen(chef) upfront been Thursday evening and midweek service was for later same evening. I didn't drive to work so birthday girl did the chauffeur.  I opted to take a taxi to church,  so I stood at the bus top for 5mins  when I saw a car that looked like a taxi, I flagged the  bobo down. He said he wasn't going my direction, but I could get another cab where I would alight. Anyways I wasn't willing to come down as it was already drizzling. 
The next taxi I entered was rickety, but I was glad I did because there were lots of passengers.   Baba was a grey head old man, so when I tried to negotiate the price with him, I was mindful of my choice of words. We tried to by cut traffic so I urged Baba to take a bad road as I was already late for church.

Omo mehn! Baba's true intent came out. In local parlance , Our conversation went thus: 
Baba: you be Igbo? 
Me: yes sir

Baba:  where for ibo? 
Me: Enugu sir!

Baba: if to say you be Anambara I for drop you here now
Me: ok sir
    Now within me I didn't want the conversation to continue, I was just wondering what an anambarain would have done to baba to take actions against all.  I kept musing to myself that his decision was irrational. Lest I forget, baba drove as a snail. 

Baba: you due chop Okro? 
Me: yes ...I dey chop okro and Ewedu. I added Ewedu just so I could please him, at least I speak Yoruba and I enjoy their meals

Baba: stop chopping okro
Me: huh?

To be contd.