Friday, 3 October 2014

Afang soup -FOOD

A plate of fresh Afang soup

So I was at home on Independence Day, home alone I must say, this gave me the luxury if time to snap while cooking.  This is a meal I enjoy so much and I would try to with pictorials teaching us how to make my afang soup.

1. Afang aka Okazi leaves 
2. Water leaf   
3. Red oil
4. Goat meat
5. Stock fish
6. Periwinkle aka mfi
7. Cow skin aka kpomo(optional)
9. Salt
10. Crayfish(must have)
11. Seasoning cubes

boiling my stock meat and meat
 adding palm oil to boiling stock
 adding pounded afang leaves and stir
 adding neat water leaf to the pot
 adding crayfish fried separately in hot red oil

 stir the soup, add fresh grounded pepper, seasoning, periwinkle and taste for salt
 soup is ready

 a small serving of wheat&**covers face**
1. wash your choice of meat properly, here I used goat meat. snails also comes out nice in Afang soup. season with onions, pepper, little salt,
2. add washed stock fish to your boiling meat, add palm oil, allow to boil evenly
3. add your dry fish as well as snail, if available. cover and bring to boil. while soup is boiling, fry crayfish in red oil separately.
4.add the pounded Afang leave and waterleaf(pls not that some people add waterleaf before Afang), then add your waterleaf, periwinkles then stir.
5.add your fried crayfish and fresh pepper to the soup.
6. food is ready.
note: fried crayfish is optional, but trust me on this, the taste is heavenly. I also add normal grounded crayfish . if you forget snails, and dry fish, please do not forget Crayfish.


  1. You are such a good cook. Mmmmmm

  2. Blinks my bebe! I'm drooling already!

  3. Blinks... licks lips* I love me some vegetables soup! Especially with white rice :)

  4. You did not add maggi? I wanto try this out to impress my *sealed lips*

  5. . Na wa Oh Blink. U no fit invite me after telling you that I'm hungry. Well, the Lord is my Muscle.

  6. oga oo! blinks yaff turn chef. Alobam is missing plenty. i'ma coming to eat oooo.

  7. Just start this all over again... then within 15 mins to the end, add one spice to it, that is, call me and tell me to start coming over! what will happen next is what ought to happen to this kind of superb arrangement! Wow, I love this ;)

    1. Lol. "Longer throat!"