Monday, 13 October 2014

Baba and Okro

Baba: stop chopping okra
Me: why sir?

Baba: you can chop Ewedu, Ogbono, no problem, but not okra
Me: mi fe wahala(I don't want trouble) but @least tell me why I shouldn't eat okra and to think that I enjoy okra with goat meat and catfish(best soup)

Baba: don't ask me why, just follow what I have told you, reluctantly he opens his car door just so his inner light would shine.
Baba: look my face, have we met?
          You do see me before?
           So take what I tell you, I can't deceive you, you are my daughter.  They can read your star, and destiny when you chop okra.

Me: ok sir! ( story for the gods, baba must be a joker. This could be a myth and he felt like passing the information to me. I can't fit stop my special okra soup Mabinu sir)

Baba: you dey go church abi?
Me: huh? ( see me see local trouble, I only told him the estate with no definite address )

Baba: you don't want to answer? Hahahahaah(laughs mischievously )
Me: yes sir, I am I going to church.

Baba: you are a good woman, people have hurt you so much in the past, I can see the pain behind your smile. but please do not stop doing good. again let me tell you, if you know that you can not dash me money, then don't borrow me the money. I mean every word I am saying to you.
Me: ok sir.

Baba: if you chop okra, they can see your destiny and read your star, evil people can trap you from there. My daughter listen to all I have told you.  Ehen that your female friend kate( name change) don't worry, she would apologize
Me: at this point I had tears rolling down my blushed cheeks

Baba: don't worry, ema worry aburo mi(in Yoruba) ....
Me: Eshe sir!

Baba:  blink you are a good woman. Your innocence will save you.
Me: OMG! How did he know my name? Have I crossed path with a spirit? Now I was shaking on the sit.
 We got to church premise, I handed babe 500naira note, and he gave me the balance of #100, with all the revelations, I refused the money. I asked him to keep it. My people @ this point baba smiled and returned the #500 to me...

Me: baba mi kilode?( what is it father?)
Baba: you have a good heart indeed, good things are coming.

Still in shock, I collected the money and watched baba speed off into thin air, I couldn't believe belie it was the same gura gwura taxi that drove me to church.  Just maybe I have met Another SEER.

NOW I have to ask, have you ever met someone like baba? Or has a myth been told you? What was your response? Let us share...


  1. LOL... Blink I bet you were shocked mehn... who wouldnt be? May God be with you and family.

    1. Thanks Anon! God be with you and urs

  2. Hmm Blink! You and these Seers only you waka come

  3. Oya get that baba for me :)

    1. You're just a funny one! Lol

  4. God works in mysterious ways! Whilst I cannot agree with anything Fetish, as a child of God, he can show up with drama just to give us comfort!

  5. Very intense. Please give us even a few beauty tips this year oh. Find time maybe very late at night and drop something, it's well.

  6. I'd love to meet a true one like the one you met, not fakes everywhere.