Friday, 26 September 2014



A friend of mine said i dont consider my male readers so i decided to do this.Premature ejaculation can cause a smear in relationships because no woman wants a man who cant satisfy her on bed and no guy wants his ego destroyed by this. 

So here are some ways to prevent premature ejaculation.

 -First understand your body and know the feeling that comes when you are about to ejaculate.
 -Try to relax because premature ejaculation disturbs the big head more than it disturbs the small head,relaxation is something some guys dont do,they think foreplay is more important for the female folk aand then the gear all thier energy towards thier penis.
 -Try wearing a condom. funny this actually works.try avoiding the ones with the label that says extra thin
 -During intercourse try to distract yourself when you feel the urge to ejaculate.
 -Kegel exerscise is really good for guys to. A few contractions in the day.
 -Avoid some sensitive sex positions because this will stimulate early ejaculation.
 -change styles between intercourse,and try edging off the urge.
 -You can also masturbate before intercourse this will help the second climax stay longer. your partner can help you with this.
- Know when to visit the doctor for treatment.
    I don't know if you have learn' t anything but i know one guy somewhere in the world with this problem is going to try these techniques.
 I hope this helps satisfy her in bed. Good luck banging
Culled: Cynthia Ezekwu


  1. And there re also fruits to increase libido, blink plz do a post on that. Thanks

  2. Nice 1 blink. This is a very important topic coz most marriages end due to this issue.May God help those with this problem overcome it. AB

  3. Hmm odikwa risky.. Men piasa though